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We have built a long standing relationship based on trust and care.

Personalized patient care is Qari Hospital Okara, apart. When you visit Hospital can expect to receive world class care. Expert specialists and caring clinical staff provide you with exceptional health care experience.


We accommodate you provide world class care, for staff and doctors, their best exceptional health care experience for you. Understanding the patient point of view concerns the most, and we try to solve the problem keeping these patients at ease with high quality care to ensure speedy recovery.

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Sehat Insaf Card

We cover a variety of medical services

Sehat Insaf Card is milestone towards social welfare reforms; ensuring at identified under-privileged citizens across the country get access to entitled medical health care in swift and dignified manner without financial obligations. The SIC program’s objective is improve access of poor population to good quality medical services, through micro health insurance scheme.

Currently, only people who earn less than Rs = 300 a day are beneficiaries of this program. In case of illness, contact QARI HOSPITAL (044-2702606) (044-2702800) (0347-21547084). The doctor, after examination, will determine the type of illness and suggest is admit the patient in hospital.

Sehat Insaf card can used for treatment of disease that requires the patient to admitted in hospital. The child born in registered family will eligible only if he/she in born the empanelled hospital. Sehat Insaf card is indoor treatment.

The Sehat Insaf Card provides comprehensive cover to beneficiaries, and holders will be entitled to free-of-cost hospitalization, in-patient services (all medical and surgical cases), fractures/injuries, referral transportation, maternity services.

Another feature is inclusion of both public and private hospitals on panel. Before this scheme, the poor could not even imagine going to private hospitals, but now they can confidently walk into these hospitals and avail treatment and QARI HOSPITAL is top class hospital, where the Sehat Insaf Card is being entertained.


  • In-Patient Services (All Medical and Surgical Procedures).
  • Maternity Services (Normal Delivery and C – Section).
  • Maternity Consultancy / Antenatal Check-ups (4 times before delivery and one follow up after delivery).
  • Fractures / Injuries.
  • Local Transportation Cost.

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